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Our Strategy

Our Leadership team focuses as Stewards of the Companies we acquire, objective is to ensure sustainable shareholder value, we align ourselves to the market environment, which forms the basis of our Strategic Intent.


Management of the Companies we have full or part ownership, with dedicated Leadership:

Our Strategic intent is to ensure the appropriate Leadership that aligns the organisation to Quavel Values and ensures and implements strategies aligned to market opportunities to drive growth 


The Management of our Capital Assets to ensure shareholder value, by deploying Capital into the areas that will provide the best rate of growth and return sustainable shareholder value


With over 30 years experience in Healthcare our Consultancy team are able to provide insight to organisations that require change, to structure the organisation to best meet the evolving market dynamics that reflect a digital foot print 

Social Responsibility

Our Goal is to invest in our fair to Social and Climate needs to ensure a better world

Our Team

Over a deep review of the organisation, our intent is to align the organisation primarily to our Core Values, and then to our strategic focus, the culture of the organisation is the key to future growth potential.​


We look at remodelling the organisation so as to ensure that the capabilities are aligned to the strategic intent and a review of the process and design, is reworked to ensure that the organisation is effective.​


Ensure the financial vitality of the organisation through debt reduction and restructuring, but ensuring allocation of equity to fuel future growth.

Our Team

Our Team

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Euzebio Viana Meneses (Zeb) CEO | Phone: 353 1 442 8588

  • Euzebio Viana formed  QUAVEL Inv LTD the in February 2016, and is Sole Owner and Shareholder.​

  • A South African born, Educated in SA and United Kingdom, currently living in Madrid Spain.

  • Finance program in M&A and Finanicial Modelling, IEB University 2017, Spain

  • Executive Leadership Program, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, 2008, Portugal

  • MBA Strategic Marketing graduate – University of Hull, 2002, United Kingdom.

  • Leadership Director Board Member Roles in Ethicon, the USA and EMEA Region (18 Years). –

  • Member of a number of Global World Wide and EMEA Boards within Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson. –  (9 years )

  • Hospital Products and represented a number of Agencies ( Zimmer, Porges, Mentor, Stille, Leibninger, Gore Tex). (4 Years)

  • Served 2 years in the South African Defence Force

  • Springbok Rower 1990 – 1992

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